Special Promotions

Our Annual Tent Sale is two days of super deals starting Friday, April 27th through Saturday, April 28th from 10-6, rain or shine! Look for spring deals from 10-50% off storewide on clothing, cycling shoes, gloves, helmets, accessories, car racks, and more! All of last year's bikes will be on sale and the 2018 bike models will come with special FREE merchandise coupons. Starting Friday, we are selling off our used road bike rentals. First come first served. These bikes are in really good condition and have been carefully maintained over the years. Stop by and check it all out!

How To Sell Your Used Bikes

At our Tent Sale - Friday, April 27th and Saturday, April 28th 

Our Tent Sale is a great opportunity to sell your good used bikes. All your used bikes are sold on consignment and we need to have them in the shop before 4pm on Thursday, April 26th. Unlike our typical consignment program (where you get 75% of the final sale for store credit only), we send a check directly to you for 75% of the bike sale. No store credit, unless you prefer it. If you hang and sell the bike yourself during the Tent Sale, you keep it all!

Please note: All bikes must have pedals, be fairly clean, and in good working condition. No junkers, please! All consignment bikes must be picked up by 6pm on Saturday, April 28th, unless you hear from us. If you have questions call - 802-387-5718 - or email us.