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Customer Testimonials

cathy's new bike

We Love Making People Happy!

We get a lot of "fan mail." And boy, do we appreciate the sentiments! They arrive as hand written notes, emails, phone calls, reviews...and even snack food, chocolates, and beer. Just too much to post it all. So, here is a sampling of happy customers who have spontaneously emailed us.

Yessssssssss - Diny! Thanks for fitting my new-to-me bike to me. I went for a spin Wednesday night and it was so much more comfortable!  That's the right saddle for me, plus I remembered to drop my elbows now and then, and I had a blast. I really appreciated your expertise while I was out there. Thoroughly enjoyed myself. I'll have fun on that bike this season! Cheers, Sheila P.


I just wanted to take a minute and say thank you for all the work you did with me getting this bike set up last year. You guys put the new riser on last fall and I've finally started to put some miles on this year. I did a 30 mile ride last Saturday and the bike was very comfortable. I'm able to stay on it at lot longer with no discomfort. Thanks for everything!

Joshua Brown


To everyone who helped in the sale and fitting of the new bike (Salsa Vaya) I purchased from you, thanks!! It is a blast to ride, really smooth, and fits great! Perfect bike for this area. Good call!

Thanks again!



Hi Diny - I am very happy with my skis . Thank you so much for your help in finding me the right ones. The length is perfect and kick is so so much better than I've ever experienced.

Thanks again,


Thanks again for all your help (and David's help) yesterday in fitting me for my new Salsa Vaya bike!! I really appreciate the time and care you took in making sure it would fit. I'm delighted with the bike, and so happy we were able to make it work! That shorter stem made a world of difference!



I finally did my bike race last month (Battenkill) and I was well prepared. The bike and more importantly, the fit, was perfect. Together with the exercises you proposed, I was able to sustain a more aggressive posture for the race and keep the pressure on. If it was not for a crash, that I am just recovering from, my finishing spot (14th) would have been better. Overall, I am happy with the way the race went and for sure my "bike fit". Thanks again.




Buying my bike from you guys at the West Hill Shop was filled with all sorts of pleasant surprises. First, I had no idea that I would find test-riding such an informative process, but, sure enough, the difference from one bike to another was quite discernible, and it helped me make a final decision.

Next, the professional fitting that you gave me; Diny is incredibly knowledgeable and I really do notice the difference in the changes she recommended for me. Also, the follow-up after my purchase is a true testimony to the value of buying from a local business: I appreciate that you guys have been in touch to check on things, as well as the wonderful feeling that comes from being greeted by name when I come in to the shop. Finally, the proof is in the fact that I so love my new bike; I feel like we were meant for each other! Many thanks to all of you for helping me through the process. It was truly a pleasure.




Jane and I were out in the woods again today. It was glorious. And one of the elements of our enjoyment was the boots you so patiently and thoughtfully fitted to Jane's feet. I watched you as you worked with her. You were so incredibly focused and articulate and experienced about finding a boot that would really work best for her. It took a long time but you stayed just as chipper and considerate through the end. And it has made so much difference to her skiing experience in the woods. She says "these are the first boots I've ever had (in 30 years of skiing) that fit me perfectly, and keep me toasty warm. (We skied 6 hours straight last week in minus10 degrees at Blueberry Hill and she never got cold toes). Wow!

We both appreciate everything you and Jim bring to this community.

Thanks so much. All the best,



I'm certain that I've sent you this same message before. However, just in case, here goes again:

Thank you for putting on the West Hill Shop cx race. I look forward to it every year and always encourage everyone I ride with to do it. It's always well run and all your people put out a fantastic vibe. It will always be my favorite every season and will always be marked on my calendar. This year I had the privilege of being "THAT GUY" who stacked it going into the first set of barriers! 

Best of luck to you through the winter months and holiday season.


Scott Struve
Global Director/Marketing
Cannondale Bicycles


I am writing to thank you for introducing me to the saddle Selle An-Atomica. As you know I ride 2 to 3 hours per day as a way of dealing with Parkinson's Disease. In the past year I began to develop an enlarged prostate and it was suggested that I cut back my riding which I was loathe to do because of the tremendous health benefit I feel from riding. I tried nose-less designs non of which worked for me. The adjustable leather design of the Selle has made me able to stay on my bike. I recommend the saddle to anyone who has issues with conventional designs. Thank you for giving me my riding life back.

Best wishes,



Thanks for the warm hospitality during my visit earlier this week. I thoroughly enjoyed the Tues. group ride and my solo ride on Wed. The Allez worked just fine. Thanks also to the guys in shop as they tweaked various fit items and provided route info for Wed. And what beautiful weather!! If ever down Mississippi way, drop me a line and come ride in the deep south!

Jim Lee
Ridgeland, MS


Hola West Hill Friends,

I hope all is well up in Putney. Kelly and I are fine here in Nicaragua. Not sure if you remember us, but we visited in April and I bought a new Epic Marathon Carbon mountain bike.

Though this e-mail is a couple of months late, I want to let you know that my buying experience was stellar. The personal attention showed me during my buying decision, fitting, testing, and packing was amazing. You have a great crew! Kudos!

The Epic Carbon is an amazing bike. I truly enjoy each ride. The bike handles so well, I am definitely a better rider on this bike. Sounds crazy, but it is finally wonderful to have a bike which is not only designed to such world class standards, but has components which work exactly the right way each and every time. It has been a long slog using lesser bikes up until now, forever lamenting design/components which don't do what they are supposed to do consistently. These brakes are "awesome"! Ultimate Juicy is the way to go. Ok, I already warped the rear rotor on a 70 kmph downhill during the first month! What a blast!

Thanks for such a great buying experience and an amazing bike.

Best regards,

Rob Thomas


You have such great service. I buy a new jacket every 2 years and will come back to your shop for my winter needs and jackets. Thanks so much, Dara ... Todd, I wanted to thank you again for the bike fitting, and all the extra advice on stretching, which I am trying to follow up on. I hope you got some degree of satisfaction from making such a BIG change to a bike!

On the way home, I celebrated my new fit by chugging up Ascutney. I definitely notice the difference---it's a much more comfortable ride.

Jim LaBelle


We went biking Rhode Island on two different scenic bike trails.

  • Total distance: 42 miles..
  • Average speed (we needed to look around): 12.6 miles/ per hour
  • Foot condition: excellent. Neither foot got numb.
  • Bike fit: excellent...Clark made all the adjustments to seat and lowered the stem.

Thank you so much for your great suggestions. Years of consulting bike specialists and spending money on shoes and pedals never did the trick. I love the pedals!


Joanne Dexter


Dear Diny:

Thanks so much for your help with my Jamis purchase this past Saturday. My boyfriend, Scott, and I took our bikes out for a ride on Sunday morning around Lake Raponda in Wilmington for a test ride (we decided to do an easy ride!). The bike is terrific and I'm extremely happy with the purchase. Your shop is great and I will be sure to tell my friends about it.

Take care and thanks again. See you soon!

Yukari Saegusa