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29th Annual West Hill Shop Cyclocross Race  

Sunday, November 17, 2019 

This will be our fourth year on the "new" course. No more corn field (lots of yays and one boo with that change), back to back run ups (ugh), more single-trackish technical sections (keeps it interesting), chicanes in the fields with a few barriers and steps thrown in, and a fast dirt road blitz down below. The spectating is great throughout the course and there's always a spirited crowd. Come check it out! We also need volunteers to pitch in during race day. If you'd like to be part of "the crew" and earn a 20% OFF Friend of West Hill Coupon contact Diny.

Link to registration, schedule, categories, and race course description via BikeReg.

Race Results for November 4, 2018 race - CROSSRESULTS

Cyclocross Practice September Through November

This weekly cross fix happens every Wednesday on our race course right here at the shop. Be ready to roll at 5:00pm (but you can ride earlier). Doesn't matter if you are a racer or a newbie. Come and enjoy the work out, get tips from the veterans, try to better your time, or just meet some fellow cross geeks. It's free and all are welcome! 


Race Results

West Hill Shop time trials from the past. 

The oldest and longest running was the Route 30 TT, which was a 9 mile out-and-back timed route starting in Brattleboro and then west out Route 30 to the turn-around.  Started in 1978, it was run annually for many years, and then intermittently until 2014.  A total of 325 racers were timed for the time trial, and Noah Elbers still holds the best time of 19:13 recorded in 1998.  Full results can be found HERE.

The Kurn Hattin Hill Climb was a more recent time trial run from 2008 to 2013.  This time trial was run up the locally famous Kurn Hattin hill in Westminster, climbing 732 feet over a distance of 3.2 miles, with several pitches over 7%.  Full results can be found HERE.