Local Ride Loops

The cycling right-out-the-door in and around Putney is rural and scenic. We have mapped road and dirt road rides with varying degrees of challenge for you to explore. Mountain biking can also be found in neighboring areas. Keep in mind, it's hilly around here.

Many of our favorites leave right from West Hill Shop. We have plenty of free parking, picnic tables for snacking, and an outdoor shower (just bring a towel). Below you'll find a sampling of our most popular rides.

Gravel Road Rides

Tamer Tour12.7 miles

Steep But Sweet19 miles

West-West Loop14 miles (1/2 dirt, 1/2 paved)

Dirt Road Loop to Westminster21 miles

West-West to Dummerston Loop - 32 miles

2-Gap Short (2017) - Start and Finish at High Meadow Farm - 34 miles

1/2 and 1/2 - High Meadow to Dummerston and back - 37 miles

2-Gap Long (2017) - Start and Finish at High Meadow Farm46 miles