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Kick Wax

Swix KX20 Base
KX20 is designed to be used as a first layer to bind further layers of klister to the ski.
Swix KX75 Red Extra Wet Klister
KX75 is a klister for very wet and transformed snow in the temperature range of 2C/15C (36F / 59F).
Swix Krystal VR50
Best for new fallen snow with temperatures ranging from 34F/32F (1C/0C). Or old snow 32F/25F (0C/-4C).
Swix Krystal VR62
Best for new fallen snow with temperatures ranging from 32F/38F (3C/0C). Or old snow 34F/28F (1C/-2C).
Swix Krystal VR70
Good for wet snow or new snow with high moisture content. New snow 34-38 degrees F - 1-3 degrees C Old snow 32-36 degrees F - 0-2 degrees C
Swix Krystal VR75
Best for wet snow and glazed/icy tracks with temperatures ranging from 36F/41F (2C/5C).
Swix Universal Silver
Universal Silver klister is designed for a wide range of conditions from moist fine snow to frozen coarse snow. (-5C/3C, 23F/38F)
Swix Universal VM
Universal VM klister is actually for a wide range of conditions. It is suitable for coarse transformed snow from -3C to 10C (26F/50F)
Swix VG35 Base Binder
A base binder used to improve the longevity of kick wax layered on top. Apply the binder to the base before applying the wax of the day.
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