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Cross-Country Ski Waxing

All Nordic skis need a regular wax treatment of some kind or another. Yes, even waxless. It's the ski base materials and how they were formed that determine what waxing treatment makes the most sense for your skis. We service all Nordic skis from new race ski base prep to old touring ski rejuvenation. Bring your skis to us for glide waxing for skate or classic, brand new ski base prep, kick wax application, waxless ski icing preventative, or summer storage waxing.

Hot Box Service

Glide waxing Nordic skis in our Hot Box is our preferred method of getting wax into the bases of your skis. The Hot Box operates essentially like a convection oven, allowing for even heating from tip to tail over a specified duration of time. The slow heated wax is able to penetrate into the sintered structure of the polyethylene base material at safer temperatures (lower than a waxing iron). It takes longer but we feel it is worth it. When you are in a rush, and if we aren't too busy, we will skip the Hot Box and wax your skis using a digital iron. But please allow at least an hour.

Basic Treatment (1-step process) $15

This wax option is recommended for all skis during summer storage or during travel to protect bases from physical damage and drying. It includes iron application of low-melting temperature "warm" paraffin wax, followed by two hours at 55 degrees Centigrade in the Hot Box. We do not scrape off this wax.

Full Treatment (2-step process) $40, or $25 for newly purchased skis from WHS - 

We strongly recommend this wax option for all new skis and for the re-conditioning of used skis. It includes an application of low-melting temperature "warm" paraffin wax, followed by six hours at 50 degrees Centigrade in the Hot Box. After cooling and scraping, we follow with an application of high-melting temperature "cold" paraffin wax. The process is finished with cooling, scraping and brushing with three different brushes.

Race Ready Treatment (3-step process) $55 -

 We recommended this treatment to get skis ready for race day. This option includes the Full Treatment, with a final iron application of LF glide wax to closely match the wax temperature of race day. Scraped and brushed and ready for skier's application of HF wax.