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Cross-Country Ski Fitting

The perfect combination of kick and glide is what makes Nordic skiing so thrilling. But have you ever experienced squirrely skis that are unstable? Or slow and dragging skis? How about skis that don't have enough grip and are slipping on every hill? Frustrating. Sometimes you can blame it on the wax, or your skiing technique.  Or, maybe the ski just doesn't "fit" you properly.

This is where we can help.

We size skis by skier weight first, skier ability and fitness level second, and finally by skier height. We use a combination of tools to pick the right ski for you whether it's a waxable classic ski, skate ski, or waxless ski.

The skier "interview" is where we start. We want to know where you want to ski, your fitness level, your likes and dislike of your current pair of skis, as well as your Nordic skiing goals. Are you hard driving and competitive? Or are you a casual shuffler exploring the back woods? Or may be you fall somewhere in between.

We begin the ski selecting process by using the manufacturer's sizing recommendations along with our knowledge of the construction and flex characteristics of a particular ski model. Then we evaluate the flex of the skis and confirm our choice by using our flex board. Here we can assess the ski camber under your weight while standing on it, and as you transfer your your weight from both feet to one foot. This allows us to narrow down the potential ski choices for you.

If we ever size you with the wrong ski, or you are dissatisfied with the performance of the chosen skis, make sure to bring them back so we can evaluate them and find a better fit for you.

We guarantee our ski fitting!