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Bike Fitting

Identify current body function
Fit the bike to the rider
Bike sizing and design

When you get a bike fit at West Hill, we work with you to address all aspects of cycling to help you achieve your comfort and performance goals. You’ll be evaluated for your body's ability to move and control your position on your bike. We’ll set your bike up so joints and sensitive tissues aren't overloaded and muscles are in their best position to produce force. We can adjust your existing bike, size you for a new bike, or help design a custom bike. Our mission is to help you find the sweet spot of comfort and performance best suited to your individual needs.

Meet the fitter

Our bike fitting process was created by Todd Miller. Todd is a science teacher and physical therapist with a graduate degree in human performance and McKenzie/MDT spine certification. Since the late 1980's, Todd has worked with cyclists of all abilities including Olympians, National and World Champions, and many people who thought they were unable to bike due to physical limitations.

He's been wrenching on bikes since college and keeps a stable of mountain, gravel, and e-bikes in heavy rotation at home. His area of interest is using creative equipment solutions and physical therapy homework to help anyone ride longer and with greater comfort.

Bike Fit: $200

All West Hill bike fits begin with an in-depth evaluation of your history, comfort and performance goals, and your body's current function.

  • Review of history, riding style, performance and comfort goals
  • Evaluation of your spine and extremity strength, motion and flexibility
  • Evaluation of posture and movement patterns
  • Positioning of saddle (height and set back)
  • Positioning of stem (rise and reach)
  • Cleat evaluation and alignment
  • Ergonomic corrections (grips, handlebars, orthotic wedges, etc.)
  • Detailed training modifications, posture correction and corrective exercises

  • We use high speed motion capture to better evaluate movements and use BikeCAD to help with sizing and custom builds. However, the main reason to get a bike fit at West Hill is the opportunity to work with a licensed physical therapist with over 30 years experience helping people get the most out of their bodies and their bikes.

    Every fit comes with a satisfaction guarantee. Follow up visits are included in the fee. If you have a medical savings account, a document for submission can be provided.

    Contact Todd Miller at with any questions or to schedule an appointment.