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Bike Fitting

Standard Fit
Comprehensive Fit
Custom Bike Design

When you get a bike fit at West Hill, we work with you to address all aspects of cycling to help you achieve your comfort and performance goals. You’ll be evaluated for your body's ability to move and control your position on your bike. We’ll set your bike up so joints and sensitive tissues aren't overloaded and muscles are in their best position to produce force. We can adjust your existing bike, size you for a new bike, or help design a custom bike. Our mission is to help you find the sweet spot of comfort and performance best suited to your individual needs.

Meet the Bike Fitting Team

Our bike fitting process was created by Todd Miller. Todd is a college professor and physical therapist with a graduate degree in human performance and McKenzie/MDT spine certification. Since the late 1980's, Todd has worked with cyclists of all abilities including Olympians, National and World Champions, and many people who thought they were unable to bike due to physical limitations. His area of interest is solving difficult fit problems that require creative equipment solutions and physical therapy homework.
Casey Blust is a licensed physical therapist assistant with over 30 years experience coaching  and racing bikes of all kinds. He has coached road racing since his youth in California, earning a USCF coaching license, and leading the Yale University cycling team to 2 national championships. His specialty is helping cyclists have fun riding with their friends by setting their bikes up to maximize their power while maintaining comfort.
Kirsten Jeppesen is a certified massage therapist and accredited life coach specializing in wellness. She has raced at the elite level in Nordic skiing and mountain biking and is active with a wide variety of outdoor activities. Kirsten taught and coached at the collegiate level and worked as a soigneur with Team DEVO and Team Giant national mountain bike race teams. Her areas of specialty include helping dial in your routine adjustments, working with women and finding the right saddle. 

Standard Fit: $100

This bike fit is for new and veteran cyclists who want to set up their riding position properly for the first time, or to confirm that their current position is best suited for their body and their cycling goals. We will address minor comfort issues. If we find a new saddle fitting becomes a necessary part of the fit solution, there is a $25 additional fee. 

  • Evaluate current position
  • Evaluate saddle fit
  • Evaluate flexibility
  • Measure inseam
  • Position saddle correctly (height and set back)
  • Adjust stem (rise and reach)
  • Simple cleat evaluation and alignment
  • New saddle fitting is additional

Comprehensive Fit: $200

This bike fit is for all level cyclists who are experiencing acute or chronic comfort issues, joint pain, injuries, or restrictions. The Comprehensive Fit is a more in depth evaluation of your body's strengths, weaknesses, and habits through the eyes of a medical professional.

  • Review of history, riding style, performance and comfort goals
  • Evaluation of your spine and extremity strength, motion and flexibility
  • Evaluation of posture and movement patterns
  • Positioning of saddle (height and set back)
  • Positioning of stem (rise and reach)
  • Cleat evaluation and alignment
  • Ergonomic corrections (grips, handlebars, orthotic wedges, etc.)
  • Detailed training modifications, posture correction and corrective exercises