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West Hill Wednesdays

2022 Summer Shop Rides

Pete's Pinnacle of Gravel Creativity


(more or less every other)

Alternating with MTB Wednesdays

May 11May 25
June 1June 22
July 6July 20
August 3August 17

Our own Pete Rose is organizing semi-weekly Wednesday gravel rides, aimed at intermediate to advanced riders with good fitness, or at least a willingness to suffer to keep up. Wheels rolling at 6:00PM prompt from the West Hill parking lot. 

Ride plans will be announced in advance, and routes will be posted. 

The pace may vary from relaxed to spicey. Pro-tip: if Amy is on the front as the group rolls over the 91 overpass, then buckle-up buttercup.

Pete is kind of a fair-weather guy, and he doesn't like to get mud on his new West Hill kit, so the ride might be cancelled if the forecast is bad. Keep an eye on this page, and on West Hill's social media for updates.

May 25 PPGC Route

Pete has spoken. The gravel route for May 25 is available at

Wheels rolling at 6 PM.

Bring a lawn chair and beverage for hanging out after the ride!


We will have a neutralized start out the paved portion of River Rd. We will chain a tractor tire to Jake Grover's seatpost so he can't explode the group early, and we will place Chris Oberther at the front of affairs with a big stick as the enforcer of a reasonable early pace. 

At the intersection with East Putney Brook Rd (first intersection after River Rd turns to gravel) we will pause, make sure there are no mechanicals, and send folks off in groups according to their desired pace.

In the interest of cohesiveness, fun, inclusion, safety, and all the things that organizers worry about, we will ask each group to look out for its riders, and make sure that everybody makes it back to the shop!

Important Note 2:

The route goes over Beebe rd (like the West Hill Grinder route, but in the opposite direction). Ride With GPS won't let Pete plan that route since it goes to Class IV. When you get to the end of the route on Beebe rd, DO NOT turn around. Keep going! You will rejoin the Ride With GPS route soon! That will make the route more like 23-24 miles.

Bell Lap Cross Country Series


that aren't PPGC Rides or 
DOPE Series Events

May 18

June 15

July 13

August 10

The Bell Lap XC series returns for the third season, but it is now held once every four weeks.

The format is one short hot-lap during a qualifying window from 6:30 to 6:45pm. Then a 7:00PM mass start (seeded by qualifier results) two lap race on a new extended course.

Email for details, and to get onto a mailing list for updates and discussion.

May 18 Bell Lap Report

The first Bell Lap event of the 2022 season went off almost without a hitch. Corey McElvey had a fall and banged himself up pretty well, and we're all wishing him a quick recovery. Corey is one of the biggest supporters of the shop, and the MTB community, so everybody send him good vibes to get him back on the bike ASAP!

The new extended loop was well received by all, and presents a more enjoyable and variable race experience than the short lap, which is just one long climb followed by a technical and hectic descent. So it's a new and better event! Overall lap times were just about what we hoped for.

Most notable news of the evening was the performance of Odin McElvey who now owns the short course record for 7-year-olds, AND the age-adjusted overall short course record. The graph below illustrates this utilizing the Matt Northcott Standardized Improvement Trajectory, along with Gunnar Caldwell's benchmark course record time. It doesn't take a mathematical genius to look at the results and recognize that Odin is clearly riding much faster than the trend line, while Gunnar Caldwell (and by extension, everybody else) is riding much slower than the trend line. Or something like that.

Todd Miller has taken a ton of great photos, and we'll post a link to a Flickr gallery here very soon, so check back.

Meantime, here is the archive of Hotlap Qualifying times:

And here are the results from Bell Lap S3:E1

Descents Of Putney Enduro Series

Yeah. That spells DOPE. Get it?


that aren't PPGC Rides or
Bell Lap XC Events

June 6

June 29

July 27

August 24

The DOPE Series offers something for everybody. Descents are moderately technical, but can be negotiated on XC bikes (with ride-arounds provided for scary features). 

Pick your race! Results will be compiled for descents-only, climbs only, and total elapsed time.

Our first venue is established. Objective is to develop additional venues as the summer goes on.

Contact for details and to get on an email list for updates and discussion.

Tuesday Night Ride

TNR RIDES Starting April 12th 2022.  Schedule is posted.   Lets ride!

Contact info: TNR Website, Putney Bicycle Club Facebook page, Joe Cook

The Tuesday Night Ride is a Putney Bicycle Club sponsored road ride series that's been running continuously for over 40 years. It begins in April and ends the last Tuesday in August. The ride leaves from a different location every week somewhere in and around Windham county. The TNR Ride Schedule is your guide. As an ambassador for the evening, a ride planner shares their favorite ride loop and sometimes an apres ride dinner location. So, plan for some really great rides. The "B Group" has a leisurely pace of 12-14 average speed and the "A Group" averages about 18mph. Updates, cancelations, and other rides are communicated regularly through the PBC Facebook page.

Wednesday Night Women's Ride

2022 RIDES  beginning May 11 

Contact info & updates: Putney Women Riders Facebook Group

This relaxed road ride is for women riders who want to sharpen their group riding skills in a supportive group atmosphere. We welcome new riders, riders who are re-conditioning, and seasoned riders to share their skills. We ride for about 1.5 hours at a pace of 12-15 mph average speed. No one gets dropped! We will usually have two leaders so that we will have the option to split up into two groups. 

Our routes are mostly on pavement with some dirt road sections. Road worthy bikes are best and mountain bikes are discouraged. 

If it is raining we won't ride. Sometimes we get back after sunset, so please wear brightly colored clothing and bring lights.