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Salomon RC Skin Ski DEMOS

Salomon RC Skin Ski DEMOS
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These RC Skin Ski demos, with bindings, have only been lightly used. So that you can adjust the balance point on the fly, they are mounted with the new Rottefella MOVE bindings (compatible with the NNN platform). Click on "Specs" to find a skier weight recommendation.

It's unlikely that a skin ski is going to ski the same as a waxable ski, but we were impressed with the RC Skin. Ultimately, when the snow conditions are at their extremes (icy, glazed, wet, etc.) the RC Skin is a great alternative without giving up a lot of performance. The glued in (and replaceable) Skingrip inserts provide precise secure grip in variable snow conditions. The Salomon RC model shares many of the features of the hi-end S-LAB Classic line up but provides an easier, more forgiving kick when engaging the camber. This is due to the D-Carbon Core construction - which also contributes to the ski's light weight and responsiveness. With the G5 World Cup base and grind it's ready for all conditions. If you'd like to try a pair we have RC Skin Ski demos for sale. If you have questions about the ski for your weight and skiing level, just give us a call 802-387-5718 - or email


SIDECUT 41-44-44
LENGTHS 180-206
CORE D-Carbon
BASE G5 World Cup base with protective foil and SKINGRIP+ inserts
WEIGHT 1300g
BINDINGS Mounted with Rottefella MOVE bindings
SKIER WEIGHT 188 MED 125-145#'s, 196 MED 135-148#'s, 206 HARD 207-222#'s, 206 XHARD 211-229#'s

* Subject to change without notice.