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Salomon Pro Combi Pilot Boots

Salomon Pro Combi Pilot Boots
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For as long as we have been selling Nordic ski boots, the Pro Combi Pilot has been one of the most reliable combi boots for fit, durability, and performance. Our local high school teams practice and race in this boot all year. Our recreational skiers like the combi versatility. Thumbs up all around! This year's boot has a new look. Here's what Salomon says about the Pro Combi Pilot: "Ideal for newer racers, PRO COMBI PILOT delivers support for skating with a flexible sole for classic, and elevates fit with a personalized Custom Fit and dissociated lacing."


Sole SNSĀ® PILOTĀ®2 Sport
Flex Combi flex Advanced 3D chassis
Outer Adjustable heel strap, Energyzer cuff
Inner Sensifit, Performance Thermoformed insole

* Subject to change without notice.