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Used Bikes

We often have good used bikes in stock. They come in as trade-ins, on consignment for a customer, or a rental being replaced. We don't sell or accept junky bikes! They have to pass our service tech specs and be in good condition to make it to our sales floor.

Stan's NoTubes Tire Sealant
$3.00 - $28.00
The Product that Started a Tubeless Revolution Inside this simple bottle is a product that changed cycling. Today's tubeless systems rely on the lighter, more reliable, self-sealing performance of Stan's Tire Sealant. Just two ounces of Stan's in a converted standard tire or tubeless tire can repair punctures up to 1/4-inch almost instantly to keep you rolling. Longer-lasting Stan's Tire Sealant is formulated to stay liquid in tires with even thin casings for up to seven months. Arid conditions require more frequent monitoring of sealant levels, but anti-freezing agents in our special formula allow Stan's Tire Sealant to be used in temperatures as cold as -30° F. One quart will convert up to 16 tires. - First choice of riders around the world for tubeless conversion and flat prevention - Seals punctures up to 1/4-inch (6.5mm) quickly - Stays liquid 2-7 months for long-lasting protection - Premium low-viscosity formula resists freezing to work in environments as cold as -30° F (-34° C) - Natural materials, safe for the environment - Can be injected through valve stems with removable cores compatible with tubes and tubular tires
Q-Tubes Tube (700c, Schrader Valve)
- ISO Diameter: 622 / road / 29" - Tube Compound: Butyl - Valve: Standard Schrader - Valve Core: Removable - Valve Length: Schrader - Valve Shaft: Smooth - Weight: 110g (23-25mm), 128g (28-32mm), 144g (35-43mm), 160g (40-45mm)
White Lightning Clean Streak
$9.79 - $15.99
- Evaporates fast and leaves no residue - A "no-scrub" cleaner that cleans to the base and prepares surfaces for application of high-performance lubricants - No water rinsing is required - Clean Streak's No-Rinse, No-Residue formula is perfect for use on disc brake rotors
ProGold Xtreme Chain Lube
$12.60 - $33.00
- Xtreme chain lube is formulated for long-distance and extreme off-road conditions - MFR bonds to metal surfaces and resists build-Up and tackiness, in addition to shedding water
Swix KX35 Violet Special
$12.60 $18.00 30% Off
KX35 is a klister for coarse, transformed snow in the range of -4C/1C (25F/34F).
Swix KX40S Silver
$12.60 $18.00 30% Off
KX40S is a klister for fine-grained transformed snow (0C/2C) and coarse transformed frozen snow (-4C/2C).
Swix KX45 Violet
$12.60 $18.00 30% Off
KX45 is a klister for coarse transformed snow in the range of 28F/40F (-2C/4C).
Swix KX65 Red Wet
$12.60 $18.00 30% Off
KX65 is a klister for wet, transformed snow in the temperature range of 1C/5C (34F/41F).
Swix KX75 Red Extra Wet Klister
$12.60 $18.00 30% Off
KX75 is a klister for very wet and transformed snow in the temperature range of 2C/15C (36F / 59F).
Swix Krystal VR30
$14.00 $20.00 30% Off
Best for new fallen snow with temperatures ranging from 19F/-4F (-7C/-20C). Or old snow 14F/-22F (-10C/-30C).
Swix Krystal VR40
$14.00 $20.00 30% Off
Best for new fallen snow with temperatures ranging from 28F/18F (-2C/-8C). Or old snow 25F/10F (-4C/-12C).
Swix Krystal VR45
$14.00 $20.00 30% Off
Best for new fallen snow with temperatures ranging from 32F/28F (0C/-2C). Or old snow 28F/18F (-2C/-8C).
Swix Krystal VR50
$14.00 $20.00 30% Off
Best for new fallen snow with temperatures ranging from 34F/32F (1C/0C). Or old snow 32F/25F (0C/-4C).
Swix Krystal VR55
$14.00 $20.00 30% Off
Best for new fallen snow with temperatures ranging from 36F/32F (2C/0C). Or old snow 32F/27F (0C/-3C).
Swix Krystal VR62
$14.00 $20.00 30% Off
Best for new fallen snow with temperatures ranging from 32F/38F (3C/0C). Or old snow 34F/28F (1C/-2C).
Swix Krystal VR65
$14.00 $20.00 30% Off
Best for new fallen snow with temperatures ranging from 32F/38F (3C/0C). Or old snow 34F/30F (1C/-1C).
Swix Krystal VR70
$14.00 $20.00 30% Off
Good for wet snow or new snow with high moisture content. New snow 34-38 degrees F - 1-3 degrees C Old snow 32-36 degrees F - 0-2 degrees C
Swix Krystal VR75
$14.00 $20.00 30% Off
Best for wet snow and glazed/icy tracks with temperatures ranging from 36F/41F (2C/5C).
Planet Bike Button Blinky Safety Set
The Button Blinky Safety Set provides a quick way to keep you visible on your next bike ride. Two high output LEDs give you steady and flashing modes with 160° of visibility. These little lights are brilliant, easy to mount and cute as a button! Button Blinky front specs: - 2 high output surface mounted LEDs provide steady and flashing modes - FL1 Tested - Run times: 12 hrs (steady – 15 lm) and up to 40 hrs (flashing - 15 lm) - Provides 160° of visibility - One CR2032 battery (included) - Mounts with rubber stretch strap - 18 grams Button Blinky rear specs: - 2 high output surface mounted LEDs provide steady and flashing modes - FL1 Tested - Run times: 20 hrs (steady – 4 lm) and up to 50 hrs (flashing - 4 lm) - Provide 160° of visibility - One CR2032 battery (included) - Mounts with rubber stretch strap - 18 grams
Q-Tubes Superlight Tube (27.5 x 2.0-2.25 inch, Presta Valve) (650B)
- ISO Diameter: 584 / 650b / 27.5" - ISO Width (mm): 52 mm , 53 mm , 54 mm , 55 mm , 56 mm , 57 mm , 58 mm - Labeled Size: 27.5 x 52/58 - Tube Compound: Butyl - Valve: Presta - Valve Core: Removable - Valve Shaft: Threaded
PNW Components Loam Grip
We can't promise to keep your hands warm as the seasons change, but we can keep your paws feeling fresh with our all new Loam Grip. We packed this grip full of features, like an ultra tacky compound and ergonomic pattern to support your palms and help relieve any fatigue caused by trail chatter and long days in the saddle. The Loam Grip features two contrasting patterns, and these dueling motifs play an important ergonomic role. Thin strips run horizontally across the grip's surface for enhanced traction and supple feel, while the thicker mountain pattern helps support the pad of your hand. Beefing up this outer zone with a heartier design combats compound deterioration, ensures the grip is absorbing more vibration and provides needed structure to support the additional body weight pressing down on this area. The Loam Grip was purpose built for Enduro/Trail riding, and with that in mind, picking the compound was extremely important. We needed to identify a blend that was soft enough to absorb vibration, yet firm enough to keep its shape under pressure. We call this the "happy camper" blend because it strikes a balance between an ultra soft material that wears too quickly and a harder compound that provides no tactile benefits. - Diameter: Avg. 30mm - Weight: 90g/pair - Width: 133.5mm - Durometer: 25A Happy Camper Compound - Clamp Style: Closed End, single clamp
Sunlite MTB Alpha Bite
The MTB Alpha Bite is a classic mountain bike tire with large, widely spaced knobs. Excellent for use on hardpack, mud or loose sand.
SRAM PC-1130 11-Speed Hollow Pin Chain
SRAM’s 11-speed chain features heavily chamfered outer plates for improved shifting and quiet running. And, with its great PowerLock connecting link, installation and removal is a snap.
Avid Disc Brake Pads (Elixir)
$25.00 - $30.00
To keep your Avid brakes functioning properly, check your pads for wear and replace them when necessary. Organic compound pads are softer for quieter braking and increased modulation, while metallic pads dissipate heat better and last a bit longer. Two pads, one retraction spring and a mounting bolt are included (enough for one brake) in each pad set. And, choose an aluminum backing plate if you're really counting the grams.
SRAM Road Disc Organic Brake Pads
$25.00 - $29.00
SRAM road disc brake pads are designed for use with SRAM road hydraulic disc brakes (HRD). - For use with Level Ultimate & Level TLM Brakes - Pad Material: Organic - Type: Road/CX - Includes guide pin, clip, & pad spreader
West Hill Shop Gift Card
$25.00 - $500.00
Finding the perfect gift can be tough. Which is exactly why we offer gift cards. They are also a fantastic way to thank someone special. They're always the right size and color, too. HOW TO: We can mail the card to you or the intended recipient. During checkout just enter the appropriate address in the "Ship To" field. If we are sending it directly to someone as a gift, add the name of the recipient, or a short message (up to four words), in the "Comment" field. You can also, add the name of the gift card giver to the "Comment" field. Otherwise, we will leave it blank. Gift cards are for in-store redemption only. If you would like a custom amount just give us a call - 802-387-5718 - Monday through Saturday from 10-6.
Shimano 6-Bolt Disc Brake Rotor
$26.00 - $38.99
Shimano's disc rotors provide a sturdy and reliable braking surface to slow you down. The design is optimized to clear mud and dirt from the system for all-conditions braking. Continuously cooling itself, this rotor helps keep brake power consistent and improves pad life.
Outdoor Research Biosensor Glove Liners
Biosensor liners feature the legendary performance of warm, wicking merino wool combined with touchscreen-compatible fingertip to keep you connected during all outdoor adventures. - Merino wool is breathable, lightweight, wicking, quick-drying, and naturally resists odors - Touch-Screen yarn thumb and index fingertip - Fully fashioned knit - Tapered wrist - Flocked logo - Fabric: 100%, 10-gauge, Merino Wool knit
Shimano Alivio 9-Speed Cassette
$28.99 - $30.00
- MODEL NO: CS-HG400-9 - SERIES: SHIMANO ALIVIO M4000 Series - Compatible chain: HG 9-speed - Speeds: 9-speed - Type: HG
FSA Super Road Chainring
$29.99 - $72.99
FSA Super Road Chainrings are designed to provide flawless shifting, with minimal weight and unmatched durability. - Precision CNC machined AL7075/T6 alloy
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