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Skate Skis

Fischer RCR Skate IFP Junior
The RCR Skate Junior is a great recreational skate ski for those kids ready to learn the skating technique. And from there, the RCR will take a junior to the races. Its new aerodynamic tip makes skiing even easier. Lots of mileage for the price in this ski. Bindings not included.
Atomic Redster S5 Skate Ski
$175.00 $225.00 22% Off
This ski we really like for skate skiers who are newish to skate skiing, are just developing their balance, and are looking for a reliable stable ski. Many first year high school team skiers (and coaches) love what this ski provides for this level skier. Here's what Atomic has to say about their ski: "The Atomic Redster S5 is ideal if you’re looking for something powerful but easy to handle. The ski has a very light UHD core with Speedcell featuring Carbon Laminates that makes the ski super lively and lightweight. Then our top Worldcup base, Race Grinding and Redster profile and sidecut gives you a dynamic kick and an outstanding, long glide phase."
Salomon Equipe 8 Skate Ski
$190.00 $225.00 16% Off
The Equipe 8 Skate is fast and light. It pairs well with a skier who balances easily and prefers an active ski tempo. A popular skate ski at team night because of the performance to price ratio!
Salomon RS 8 Skate Ski
$225.00 - $254.99
The Salomon RS 8 skate ski is the new version of the popular Equipe 8 Skate. It is a versatile and quick ski that is lightweight and easy to ski. The RS 8 is a good choice for developing racers and high school athletes who like a responsive ski. It's Powered Camber provides the optimum balance of stability and speed that young racers or fitness skate skiers will really like.
Madshus Nano Carbon Skate boot
$320.00 $450.00 29% Off
With the Integrated Power Base, the Nano Carbon Skate takes your skiing to a new level with category-leading power, control and acceleration. The Race Fit is slightly larger volume than the Redline Skate, providing performance and comfort, including good fit for higher volume feet needing more room. RevoWrap™ and MemBrain softshell ensure a secure fit and keep your feet warm, dry and comfortable.
Salomon RS Skate Ski
We are really excited about the RS Skate for racing and high performance skiing. It shares the features of the hi-end S-LAB skate ski line up, but the low riding responsive camber improves ease of use and stability. The D-Carbon core construction is what contributes to the ski's light weight, responsiveness, and torsional rigidity. With the G5 World Cup base and grind it's ready for all conditions and guaranteed great glide.
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