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Custom Clothing

DeFeet West Hill Classico Socks
The Classico is a do-it-all wool sock with a 6" classic cuff. It's a runaway winner for cycling, running, casual wear and can even hike and hold it's own in snowsports. Our Nordic skiers love this sock. COMPOSITION: 48% Merino Wool, 43% Nylon, 6% CoolMax® Eco Made™, 3% Lycra®
DeFeet West Hill Wooleator Socks
The Wooleator is simply a merino wool version of our West Hill Aireator sock. Performance cycling and running shoes require socks that don't take up much space. Cooler temperatures and inclement weather don't mean your shoes should have to grow to accommodate thicker socks. What you need is better insulation in the same space. This is where Wooleator's shine. The most honest, four-season, multi-sport workhorse of a sock we've ever made. Composition: 61% USA Wool, 37% Nylon, 2% Lycra
DeFeet West Hill Aireator Socks
Some would say - West Hill Socks are famous. It doesn't matter where you are, usually someone will recognize them. Our socks have been custom made by Defeet since the beginning. The name Aireator comes from the Aireator mesh weave foot top. The first sock to incorporate this type of open-mesh construction, Aireator's breathe and wick well. They are thin throughout for a light weight feel and help maintain an efficient, close fit in performance cycling shoes. Made with CoolMax® EcoMade™ fibers that are derived from recycled resources. Composition: 60% Nylon, 39% COOLMAX® EcoMade, 1% Lycra®
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