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Salomon RS 8 Skate Ski - 2019

Salomon RS 8 Skate Ski
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The Salomon RS 8 skate ski is the new version of the popular Equipe 8 Skate. It is a versatile and quick ski that is lightweight and easy to ski. The RS 8 is a good choice for developing racers and high school athletes who like a responsive ski. It's Powered Camber provides the optimum balance of stability and speed that young racers or fitness skate skiers will really like.


SIDECUT 42/44/43/45, Javelin skating sidecut, Skating spaceframe
LENGTHS 174-191
CORE Densolite 3000, Powered camber, D2FC - Digital Dynamic Flex Control
BASE G4, Race Universal Grinding, DGM - Digital Grinding Measurement

* Subject to change without notice.