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C2 Arm Warmers Power Stretch

C2 Arm Warmers Power Stretch
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Competitive cyclists and runners understand the value of the humble arm warmer. They’re ideal for warming up for races and training, but since they weigh less than 95g, they’re the easy-to-pack, just-in-case lifesaver on any adventure where conditions may change. These babies stay in place—without cutting off your circulation, thank goodness—and regulate your internal body temperature as you heat up or cool down. Or, you know, if your arms just happen to be cold because you can’t resist wearing a tank top in a snowstorm.

Made in Massachusetts, USA

Mary likes her arm warmers:
"They are my Number One Perfect Fall Weather Rowing Accessory!! Thanks, C2, for keeping me toasty and letting me focus on competing,rather than struggling to stay comfortable."

Although it’s totally fine to wash and dry your c2 with your other active wear, we have found a few care details to be helpful in keeping it looking good for as long as possible:

1. Avoid washing c2 with cotton or other lint shedding materials
2. It’s best to wash synthetics with other synthetics
3. c2 air dries quickly, so save a dime and the environment and let it dry naturally
4. Turn your c2 inside out before washing or drying to protect the outside from zippers and velcro