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Atomic Sport Pro Skintec - 2016

Atomic Sport Pro Skintec
This item is currently not available.


Skin skis are rapidly growing in popularity. With our variable New England weather, skis with skins are extremely effective in difficult-to-wax snow conditions. A skin ski has better grip then a typical waxless ski in glazed, hard, or icy snow conditions. The Sport Pro Skintec SDS construction requires less effort to get traction with your classic kick, which means it is just easy to ski. It's not a racing skin ski, but an active skier will enjoy this ski. This 200cm ski is best suited for an experienced skier weighing 154-200 pounds. Keep in mind that it is better to be on the lighter side of a skin ski's recommended weight range. Give us a call if you want some help properly sizing these skis.


SIDECUT 43-44-43 Sport Profile
LENGTHS 176cm-208cm
CORE Ultra High Densolite with SDS - Step Down Sidewall
BASE BI 5000 World Cup Grinding with Skintec Snap Solution

* Subject to change without notice.