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Wax And Tools

Swix Krystal VR50
Best for new fallen snow with temperatures ranging from 34F/32F (1C/0C). Or old snow 32F/25F (0C/-4C).
Swix KX75 Red Extra Wet Klister
KX75 is a klister for very wet and transformed snow in the temperature range of 2C/15C (36F / 59F).
Swix VG35 Base Binder
A base binder used to improve the longevity of kick wax layered on top. Apply the binder to the base before applying the wax of the day.
Swix CH4 60g
CH4 is a fuoro free paraffin wax for -32C/-12C (-26F/10F).
Swix CH10 Liquid 125ml
CH10 liquid offers much of the performance standard block wax with a much simpler application process. (2C/10C, 36F/50F)
Swix Krystal VR75
Best for wet snow and glazed/icy tracks with temperatures ranging from 36F/41F (2C/5C).
Swix Krystal VR70
Good for wet snow or new snow with high moisture content. New snow 34-38 degrees F - 1-3 degrees C Old snow 32-36 degrees F - 0-2 degrees C
Swix Krystal VR62
Best for new fallen snow with temperatures ranging from 32F/38F (3C/0C). Or old snow 34F/28F (1C/-2C).
Swix Universal VM
Universal VM klister is actually for a wide range of conditions. It is suitable for coarse transformed snow from -3C to 10C (26F/50F)
Swix KX20 Base
KX20 is designed to be used as a first layer to bind further layers of klister to the ski.
Swix Universal Silver
Universal Silver klister is designed for a wide range of conditions from moist fine snow to frozen coarse snow. (-5C/3C, 23F/38F)
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