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C2 is on the move! If you are looking for C2 Performance Tights, Extreme Tights or any long sleeve zip tops,  Outdoor Gear Exchange is now the proud new owners.

C2 Wool Logo Socks
Your shoes should never have to grow for thicker socks in winter or shrink for thinner socks in summer. Our friends at DeFeet created the Woolie just for that purpose. Knit from merino wool, this four-season, high-performance sock has a cult-like following from world-class athletes. The best part is these socks are designed to last for years, if not decades. That’s what you get from a company says, “We don’t sell things that fall apart” (see why we kinda love them?). The only reason you’ll want extra pairs is so you have something to wear between laundry days. See ya later cold feet.
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