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Classic Skis

Fischer CRS Classic VASA Skis NIS
$152.00 $189.95 20% Off
The Fischer CRS is an all-around waxable classic ski for every snow condition. With solid performance this ski is great for first time classic skiers new to Nordic kick waxing, or first year high school team racer. BINDINGS NOT INCLUDED.
Fischer Superlite Wax Skis NIS
$199.00 $259.95 23% Off
Many of our customers want to feel the glide of a waxable ski but are not looking for the high-test performance, or the price, of a race ski. This ski is a little more forgiving with a wider side cut for stability, a softer flex needing less force to get kick, and a slightly shorter length for maneuverability. BINDINGS NOT INCLUDED.
Fischer CRS Classic Skis IFP
The Fischer CRS is an all-around waxable classic ski for every snow condition, thanks to the Stoneground base finish. With solid performance this ski makes a great first time race ski or recreational fitness ski. With new material composition, the elasticity of the ski body has increased providing a more forgiving kick action and a more easy-going skiing experience. The CRS comes with the new IFP plate for easy mounting of the new Turnamic binding system (NNN and Prolink compatible). The balance point of this binding can easily be adjusted for varying snow conditions and skier technique. BINDINGS NOT INCLUDED.
Fischer RCR Classic Skis
$245.00 $349.95 30% Off
The RCR is a popular lightweight and stable classic ski for ambitious skiers. This ski is ready for all snow conditions and a marathon favorite. BINDINGS NOT INCLUDED.
Fischer Superlite Crown EF Skis IFP
The new Easy Forward construction and camber of the Superlight Crown EF is just an easy ski to ski. It's light and glides really well. Although it does NOT require a hard driving skier with precision classic technique, this ski is not our first choice for most first time Nordic skiers. But it is a great step forward from the wider, shorter introductory compact ski. We really like this well as many of our customers. We get a lot of great feedback on this ski! BINDINGS NOT INCLUDED.
Fischer Twin Skin Superlite EF Skis
We've been pleasantly surprised at how enjoyable the Fischer Twin Skin Superlite EF is to ski. Yes, the skins really work! And, they are quiet, too. The Twin Skin really excels in icy, hard packed, or glazed tracks. And, with our variable New England snow conditions, this is a great ski to have in your quiver. The EF (Efficient Forward) camber means easy kick and glide without needing a fine tuned for forceful classical technique. BINDINGS NOT INCLUDED. Here's what Fischer has to say about their Twin Skin Superlite ski: "Lightweight all-around ski featuring Efficient Forward which gives the skier an easier, more forgiving kick action and smooth gliding. Twin Skin adds excellent grip on uphills, especially in hard and icy conditions. Fitness Sport skis by Fischer combine new core and camber designs to provide a better skiing experience. The forgiving kick action of the Efficient Forward construction affords an easy, reliable kick, while traditional length sizing provides optimal glide. Efficient Forward technology offers both beginners and advanced recreational skiers an efficient, forgiving kick action for smooth skiing. Lightweight Fitness Sport skis come in traditional length to glide easily on the trail to fitness."
Fischer RCS Classic Plus IFP Ski
The RCS Classic Plus IFP ski is a favorite among ambitious Nordic skiers who are looking for an active, light weight, high performance classic ski with World Cup experience. The RCS Classic Plus goes beyond a training ski with amazing gliding properties and right-under-foot stability. This ski is perfect for our changing snow conditions and best suited for temperatures of -10°C and warmer. The new IFP plate bonded to the ski accepts the Fischer Turnamic binding. The Turnamic binding allows for quick and easy adjustment of the balance point (an especially nice feature for classic skis) and is NNN compatible. RCS Classic Plus features include: 812 ski construction with long dynamic wax pocket, Air Core Carbon ski core with over 80% air content for extremely light weight, DTG means deeper and coarser Plus structure, ideal for the warm and moist conditions of the Northeast, and prewaxed infrared preparation with fluoride-content hot wax. BINDINGS NOT INCLUDED.
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