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News Flash - C2 is on the move this fall!

C2 is on the move! If you are looking for C2 Performance Tights, Extreme Tights or any long sleeve zip tops, Outdoor Gear Exchange is now the proud new owners.

The Arana Tight and other short sleeve base layers will still be hanging in our shop to purchase or to shop from our website. FREE shipping on all Arana tights within the continental USA.

Click to shop now. Or scroll down to lean more about C2.

The C2 Story

C2 was created by Jane Hayes, a New England native who wanted to design clothes she wished she had for herself when she was out on her bike long after everyone else had hung it up and headed to the gym. Her business was built on a core belief that whether you are cycling, hiking, skiing or running, the weather shouldn't keep you from doing what you love. You just need clothes that can keep up. C2 gear is designed to keep you warm and performing at your personal peak, even when the mercury drops.

In 2017 we became the official C2 Outfitter. As an historic cycling and Nordic ski shop with the motto "go play outside," it made perfect sense to transition C2 into our retail store. That means you can now see, feel, and try on the full C2 clothing line from XXS to XXL right here at West Hill Shop. If you're already a C2 fan and you just want to order something quick, you can now shop directly through our web store. We try to ship the same day!

Wow, wool!

"Wow, wool!  Used this as my against-the-skin layer for an intensity workout this morning, amazed how it feels dry even when I know I am sweating hard.  About 21 degrees F but with windchill down into the lower teens.  This shirt with a vest over my core was perfect for hill-bounding with poles.  Can’t wait to ski in it!"

Mac Daddy

"These tights are the Mac Daddy, play outside in knee deep powder, and perfect for this I don’t do inside workouts woman! The upper fabric is warm and toasty (and so light!), and the secret weapon for the deep (snow/mud/rain/enter challenge) is the lowers are made of this resistex fabric which seems to repel precip…I have run 20 miles in knee deep snow and stayed warm and toasty, but no overheating.  LOVE these.  Get outside!  Thanks for such a great product.  5+ stars!"

Love, Love, Love

"Love, love, love this top!  I got it last fall and it remains a steadfast go-to choice on chilly running days. It’s also super cozy next to skin as a sleep top while backpacking – especially when the weather is unseasonably colder and my bag not quite warm enough."

Warm and dry

"I’m enjoying this base layer every day this winter. With temps in the single digits almost every day for the past couple of weeks here in Massachusetts, the Base Top Power Stretch, combined with the Elite Half Zip Power Dry, keep my core warm and dry whether I’m fatbiking or taking a nap. I’ll also add my Arm Warmers Power Stretch when the windchill really dips…"

Made in the USA  

C2 is 100% manufactured in the USA, including the materials, design, and all the hands that make and bring the product to you. We will never purchase products or services from outside the USA that are available from the USA.

Keep it micro

We’re keeping it small and making it better from season to season. We are innovating right down to the last possible moments before production starts, and use the latest technology and methods available to keep it fresh, functional, and awesome.

Stay outside

We know it’s hardest to motivate in colder wetter conditions, but you still need to get out there. You might work out on the worst days at the local gym, or by shoveling your driveway, but when you want to get outside no matter what the weather is offering, reach for your C2.

People matter

From the people that design and create C2 to everyone who wears it, if you’re reading this, you matter. We want to help you enjoy our products and your active life. Stay in touch and tell us what you think. Owner, Jane Hayes, is just an email away -