We now offer fat bikes along with our road, gravel road and comfort hybrid bikes for adults, and can sometimes accommodate your kids. Rentals come with water bottle cages and flat pedals. We can put on pedal cages with straps or pedals that you provide. Clipless Shimano SPD two-sided mountain pedals are available on request. Bikes also come with a seat bag with a spare tube, tire levers and pump. If you want a rack installed extra charges apply.

Fat Bikes:
Salsa Mukluk, sizes extra small to large
1-2 days, $50 per day
3-9 days, $45 per day

Road Bikes:
Giant Defy and Avail road bikes, sizes extra small to extra large.
1-2 days, $35 per day
3-9 days, $31 per day
10 or more, $20 per day

Gravel Road Bikes:
Giant Roam, sizes small to large
1-2 days, $30 per day
3-9 days, $26 per day
10 or more, $18 per day

Hybrid Bikes:
Giant Sedona bikes, sizes small to large.
1-2 days, $25 per day
3-9 days, $21 per day
10 or more, $18 per day

Kids' Bikes: 24" wheel (or smaller) mountain bikes, when available, rent for $17 per day. Definitely call in advance to reserve.

Trail-A-Bike: Pull your kids behind your bike while they pedal, too! This rents for $15 per day.

Bike Racks: Our bikes do not come pre-mounted with racks. If you want us to install a rack it is an additional one time charge of $20, regardless of the number of rental days.

Bike Cases: We also rent bike cases for shipping your bike, $5 per day.

Where to Ride:
We can help you customize a ride that suits your interests. We have a variety of loops on scenic dirt roads and paved roads, starting right at the shop. The terrain in this area of Vermont is of course hilly so plan for somewhat challenging, but beautiful ride.

Depending on the ride, we can usually direct you to a great place for a picnic or somewhere to cool off in a swimming hole.

We need reservations, but even last minute, we may be able to accommodate you.

Trail Guides: If you want a personalized, guided ride with an experienced rider who knows these Vermont road and trails, we may be able to provide one, for an additional hourly rate.

We rent adult and junior cross country skis, boots and poles. Our rental skis are compact waxless non-metal edge skis, which means they are short, with SNS bindings. We recommend you call in advance to reserve what you need as our rental fleet is limited.

One Day Rates:
Adult $20
Junior $15

Multi-Day Rates (Adult/Junior):
2 Days: $34/$28
3 Days: $51/$39
4 Days: $68/$48
5 Days: $85/$58
6 Days: $102/$68
7 Days: $119/$75

Snowshoes are available for $15 for 24 hours.

Note: We offer 10% rental discounts for guests of the Ranney-Crawford House.

Our Services

Bike Services

We pride ourselves on our in-depth knowledge and expertise of our repair shop mechanics. Our full-service repair shop can handle any type of tune-up or repair for any type of bike, whether old or new.

Basic Tune-Up: $60
  • Overall safety check
  • Tires aired
  • All bolts checked and tightened
  • Cables and housing lubed
  • Chain checked for wear and lubed
  • Shifting and braking checked and adjusted
  • Basic wheel true
  • Hubs checked
  • Headset and bottom bracket checked
  • Derailleur hanger aligned
  • Frame wiped down
  • Final inspection and test ride
  • Comprehensive Tune-Up: Just $40 More!
  • Drive train cleaned in solvent tank
  • Bottom bracket checked and serviced
  • Replacement labor for common maintenance items (ie. new chain, brake pads, inner tube, etc.)
  • Additional Bike Services

    Custom Wheel Building: Wheel builds are one of our specialties, whether it is for the repair of a busted wheel or the creation of a brand new wheel set. We are willing to talk to you about what will be best for the terrain, riding style, and performance you need. You name the combination and we have probably done it.

    Suspension Services: We have experience with Rock Shox, Manitou and Marzocchi. We can do many jobs in-house, with major rebuilds sent to a suspension service center for more advanced service.

    Fabrication: Got a Chinese three-speed that needs a clamp for the mechanical brake and you're having trouble finding the part? Well, we made one out of some old Universal brake parts once for a customer. We've done many other clever fabrications also. And if we can't do it here, we know someone who can.

    Frame Alignment: Got a new frame? You want to make sure it is straight before it gets built up? Or maybe you crashed your old steel friend and you find that now you can't take your hands off the bars without veering off into the puckerbrush? We can put it on our alignment table and give it the treatment. Warning - miracles are not guaranteed. But send your problems to us, and we will do our best to return them to the straight and narrow.

    Bike Case: If you are traveling and want to take your bike with you, we will rent you a hard shell travel case for $5 per day. If you would like us to pack your bike in the case, it's $45 (faster than packing in a box!).

    Bike Packing and Shipping: Have a student going to school here (Putney School, Landmark College, Greenwood, SIT, Vermont Academy) and no room to bring the bicycle along - or need to ship it home at the end of the term? We will carefully pack your bicycle in a box we provide, and ship it via our daily UPS shipment. Packing costs, including materials, is $60 (we know it may seem like a lot, but you wouldn't think so if you've ever seen a poorly packed bicycle with smashed front fork or damaged rims) plus the actual UPS costs of shipment. Please specify the amount of insurance desired. If you have a bike shipped to us, and you come pick up the box, there's no charge.
    If you want us to assemble it, we will build your bike and make all the basic adjustments for $60 (and dispose of the packing materials, unless you want them). If you buy a new bike elsewhere and want us to build it, it's $60 minimum (more for some bikes, such as those with hydraulic brakes).

    Wheelchair Repair: Yes, we service wheelchairs, and if they need welding, we can get that done for you as well.

    Ski Tuning & Mounting

    Some of us were cross-country skiers before we were cyclists. You can benefit from our passion for the wintertime sports. We know what will work best for your skis, whether it's a hot wax base prep for a race, a klister application for kick at 40 plus degrees, or a pine tar job on your old wood skis.

    Binding Mounting: $20-40

    We have lots of experience at cross-country ski binding installation, whether 3-pin bindings from the old days, the latest telemark bindings, or current Nordic classic and skate bindings. Most jobs are done while you wait. Skis and bindings from elsewhere are welcome, too.

    Edge Tuning:

    We have all the edge tuning equipment needed to put a beveled, sharpened edge on your back-country and telemark skis.

    Hot Box Services

    We now offer hot boxing for skis. The Hot Box operates essentially like a convection oven, allowing for even heating, from tip to tail, over a specified duration of time. The slow heated wax is able to penetrate into the sintered structure of the polyethylene base material at safer temperatures (lower than a waxing iron).

    Basic Treatment (Storage/Travel): $15

    Recommended for all skis during summer storage or during travel to protect bases from physical damage and oxidation.

    Includes iron application of low-melting temperature "warm" paraffin wax, followed by 2 hours at 55oC in the Hot Box. No scraping.

    Full Treatment (2-step): $35

    Recommended for all new skis and for the re-conditioning of used skis.

    Includes application of low-melting temperature "warm" paraffin wax, followed by 6 hours at 50oC in the Hot Box. Cooled and scraped followed by an iron application of high-melting temperature "cold" paraffin wax. This application is cooled, scraped, and brushed.

    Race Ready Treatment (3-step): $55

    Recommended to get skis ready for race day glide wax application.

    Includes the Full Treatment, with a final iron application of LF glide wax to closely match the wax temperature of race day. Scraped and brushed and ready for skier's application of HF wax.

    Flex testing:

    To properly fit you to the correct size classic or skate ski, we use the Fischer flex board. Using our knowledge of each ski brand and your individual technique and skill level, we will help select skis that match your weight, technique, and experience.

    Gift Certificates

    You can select whatever amount you want. The perfect gift - good for one year! Can be used for any product we carry or any service we offer, such as ski tuning or bike repair. When you check out, tell us the name of the person you are purchasing the gift certificate for, and give the mailing address you wish us to send it to.